Types of Whitepapers

So there are four different kinds of whitepapers.

First generation whitepaper

These are academic in nature. You will see technical details like consensus flow, logical reasoning, arithmetic formulae and technical diagrams to help visualise the workflow.

Source: Tokenomics: The Crypto Shift of Blockchains, ICOs and Tokens — by Sean Au and Thomas Power.

Second generation whitepaper

These whitepapers are more elaborative on the concept and have less technicalities suitable for retail and institutional investors to understand.

Third generation whitepaper

This generation of whitepaper modelling is different from the second. ICO projects looking to raise capital started a different approach to writing their paper. By this generation, many blockchains were already established. This made the work for ICOs easier as they had to deal with less complex stuff.

Fourth generation whitepaper

This is the current trend that rose from 2017 crypto madness. It all started when Gnosis replaced the abstract with an ‘executive summary’. Following is the format used by most ICOs today.

  • Mission statement
  • Core objectives

Wrapping Up

If you want to understand the depth of the project then the best way to understand its potential is by checking for 7 major factors.

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